Friday, 26 April 2013

Artbox Haul

Today hasn't been that great for me. I was looking forward to opening all my packages today as my mum brought home the mail. I had previously ordered a custom stamp on Amazon, which you could change the letters. I opened the parcel and just found two sheets of paper, one being the invoice slip and the other being a warranty form :-( I did send an angry email to them. Not a happy bunny at the mo!

Anyway, I still got the rest of the stuff I had ordered and I must say Artbox are excellent with delivery time, really impressed with their service!

Here is some pictures of what I had ordered! :-)

Here's some washi tape stickers I had ordered from Amazon which I LOVE!

I was a bit disappointed when trying out my Hello Kitty 'ok' stamp. I noticed if I dont press on it too much it comes out 'ok' :-)

Other random pics I took with my new camera, which I hardly use :-( 

The pens I use are mostly Frixion/Le Pens & Coleto with five colours. 

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