Thursday, 25 April 2013

This week's Filofax and setup

Hello Filofax stationary lovers, I havent blogged or posted anything for a while, so I really need to up my game and post more! 
I would just like to let you know I am waiting on quite a few packages this week whoop whoop! One being the Osterley in a5 (orange) and the other, Finsbury in a5! Im very excited and have ordered a few more other things such as stickers and a Muji stamp. I was really happy yesterday as I stumbled upon this lovely pink a5 Finsbury. Filofax were having a 50% sale so I had to get this little beauty worth £55 BARGAIN! Considering that the original price was £79 :-)
You Jung Byu

 Ok enough babbling of my new purchases and onto the pictures! This month I will be using the Osterley in plum (personal size) and hopefully when I get my two new A5 planners I will choose between them. As you can see I am a big sticker fan. I also love Kawaii, so I added a little Rilakkuma squishy.

I use the month on two pages to quickly view when I am at work and when I am off. It also shows me when I'm due to be paid!

The pen I use to the left of my Filofax is the 'Takeout' range by Paperchase. The design includes takeout foods such as chips, burgers and all things naughty but yummy!
This is the layout of my page for this week, I've used greens/yellows and turquoise. I get a lot of these creative idea's of using themes and washi tape stickers from ApurpleLife. 

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  1. That A5 pink Finsbury was my very first Filofax! It has huge 30 mm rings and I find it quite hardwearing!

    Oh, and you might wanna change your blog name into StationEryaddictsanonymous.
    Stationary with an A means "not moving"...

    1. Hi Jotje, yes the Finsbury is very hardwearing and I love the size of the rings! Im sorry but I didn't quite understand what you meant on the last part of your message?

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