Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Review Of The Calipso Compact Filofax

The Calipso compact is a vision of class and style. It comes in a variety of summery colours which include, bright blue, deep pink, teal, burnt orange and solar yellow. The leather is soft, textured and very very squashy! You'll want to hold it for hours, I honestly did when I had received it! The clasp is very strong so (would not pop open) its very well made! The clasp is also a different texture to the grained leather, so gives a nice attractive look to the binder. Inside you will find four card pockets, easy to put cards in and take cards out. These are vertical card slot pockets. When receiving the Filofax you should have the 2013 and 2014 inserts so you are ready for next year, as well as the black today ruler to keep track of where you are in your Filofax. In this binder you will also receive dividers from A to Z in which you can use for address filing or phone number filing incase (god forbid) you lost your phone!  After the dividers there is lined Filofax paper for any notes, shopping lists or important information you want to quickly jot down! On the whole, this Filofax is like a little handheld cushion, squidgy on the outside, full in the inside! With a flexible pen loop, strong clasp, five great colours to choose from, you cannot go wrong with this Filofax!

  • On the go planner
  • Light/versatile
  • squashy/soft grain leather
  • bigger space to write than the pocket
  • fits personal size inserts
  • strong clasp
  • pen holder not in a great position
Here's some pictures!

Happy Filofaxingagain!

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