Sunday, 26 May 2013

My Current A5 Finsbury Set-Up For May 2013!

Hey to everyone who is following me so far. My blog is feeling a bit depressed today as I havent had any new followers this month. Although my YouTube channel is doing much better and I'm so happy to now have 173 subscribers YAY! Hopefully next week I will be holding a giveaway contest to entice more people to visit my blog! If anyone has any ideas of how to gain more followers to my blog I would be really grateful! 

Well onto the best part! I have taken some photos of my most recent set-up of my A5 Finsbury which I adore! I just cannot bare to be apart from my a5 Finsbury, and yet I should be changing into another Filofax for next month...I'm not sure I can. Well recently I made a kind of title page for my Filofax and seeing as its pink and girly I thought Id use a Hello Kitty picture on the front. Last month I was not using the month on two pages as well as I should be but came up with a solution! After purchasing some rather large, round, assorted, coloured stickers I started to wonder how I could use them. I thought , well they are too big as reminder dots and I would like to stick with the smaller ones, so I could possibly use them on my month on two pages! I could write on each sticker perhaps a direct debit that would be taken out on that day or a payday or perhaps when a bill needs to be paid. That way it will stand out more, give my month on two pages a boost of life and would be much easier for me to see straight away when something needs to be paid or whats going out of my account. I'm now happy I have good use for my month on two pages. 

Here is some pictures of my current set-up! 

My Hello Kitty title page and the large stickers I mentioned!

My pretty in pink Finsbury A5 from the front! I love her so much!

This picture can speak for itself :D

My Filofax zipped pouch, I tend to keep any stickers in here/notes or receipts!

The year at a glance page, this is where I keep track of my working weeks and weeks I have off. I also tend to have little cut out images of my favourite artists works spread around my Filofax. 

My horizontal year planner page, which doesn't get used! 

One of my homemade dividers on the left and on the right is one of my personal art work's.

Here is a picture of how I use the large reminder stickers and you can see how many bills I have to pay a month....thats a lot of bills! I have bills coming out of my ears! 

Onto my day on a page diary inserts which I love! Somedays I am really busy and other days theres hardly anything to write. I know one things for sure, I wont be purchasing a day on a page for next year as it was so expensive! Another unfortunate thing about a day on a page is that it takes up so much room, hence why I use the Finsbury in A5. The ring size can handle my diary inserts and allows me to put more paper inside. 

My pretty in pink coloured note paper! <3

Where I keep track of my finances. Obviously they are full to the brim but I'm just showing you a blank page.

A quick view of how I decorated tomorrow and Tuesday's pages!

Where I keep timesheets or payslips that need to be sent off or filed. The colour of this pocket is not the same as the inside of the binder, which is a fabric material.

A very cute pen I found on a stationary website! 

Thats it from me to you, goodnight! :-)



  1. Hi there! I love all of the supplies that you have for your Filofax! Oh my see ALL of your stickers together!

    1. Hi Dem! Thanks so much, I have tons more now haha! i need to do a sticker giveaway :-p

  2. I love your Filo! I want to buy one! Let's see how this adventure goes for me!