Sunday, 12 May 2013

Visiting The Filofax Store...

On Saturday I went to meet my friend in London. She kindly agreed to come with me to the Filofax store which, correct me if Im wrong but was the Flagship store called Pens and Paper. As I got closer I got more and more excited as Ive never been in the store before. I knew, I wouldnt leave the store without a Filofax and I wasnt wrong! :-)  As I got into the store there was two members of staff just standing...waiting for customers. As they began to notice I was going to buy a Filofax another staff member appeared, so now there was three! One of the ladies mentioned that they had a sale and I quickly rushed over. YOU MENTION SALE, WHERE? I looked up and there it was the Almond coloured Amazona in personal size...when I looked at the price I was shocked!£28 what a bargain!! I also grabbed the wine coloured Holborn zip and went over to the counter. My friend couldnt believe I had picked up two Filofaxes. I got both Filofaxes on sale and a little keychain that looked exactly like the new Filofax original that Im still waiting for in the post. Altogether I had a brilliant time in London and hope to visit the other store very soon! Here's some pics!

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  1. Omg! That is so awesome �� I love the filofaxes ❤