Sunday, 24 March 2013

Welcome to my new blog!

This is my first blog on my total addiction to Filofaxes and all other stationary! My names Sarah and I am officially a...stationary addict hence the name of this blog. If you've been directed here from my YouTube channel Filofaxingagain, you will already know I love collecting Filofaxes and stickers! You are most probably the same as me or will eventually become addicted like me if your'e reading this blog...tee hee :-) 

If you've randomly found this blog off the internet, please feel free to check out my YouTube channel and see a few of my videos. Find me by searching Filofaxingagain and if you like it SUBSCRIBE yay!

For March 2013
My Current Filofax Set-up in personal size :-)

I am currently using the pink Metropol which is one of the cheapest personal sizes you can buy and is also fake leather. It has a squashy surface, which is smooth and very silky (feels very nice in the hands).
It can also take a lot of bulk, so you can put as much stuff in there without it looking terribly bulky and uncomfortable. What are your opinions on the Metropol? I would love to hear your opinion on it? :-)

I love the idea of making the Filofax colourful and pretty with lots of stickers and Washi tape decor. I didn't realise having a Filofax could be so much fun! 
Ive copied loads of idea's from other youtubers with helpful tips on how a Filofax can manage your daily life and keep you ahead of things. 

I hope you like the pictures..:-)

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